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Tooth Extractions

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If you need a tooth extraction, the method performed by Kaveh Kanani, DDS, at Around the Corner Dental Health Spa in Tarzana, California, makes your experience more comfortable and less traumatic than the typical tooth extraction. With Dr. Kanani’s technique, you’ll have less pain after your removal, and you’ll recover more rapidly compared to conventional extraction surgery. To learn more about tooth extractions, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Tooth Extractions

What dental problems require a tooth extraction?

Dr. Kanani often needs to extract or remove teeth when they’re too damaged or decayed to save. Whenever possible, he always tries to preserve your natural tooth, but sometimes you won’t have enough healthy tooth remaining to restore it with a crown or filling.

You may need to have one or more teeth extracted when your jawbone is too small to hold all your adult teeth comfortably. Extraction is also frequently performed to remove impacted teeth, which are teeth that don’t grow in normally. 

What happens before my tooth extraction?

Before your extraction, Dr. Kanani performs a thorough exam and reviews your medical history to be sure you don’t have a health condition that might prevent the removal. He also talks with you about medications you should avoid before your procedure.

After Dr. Kanani reviews your X-rays, he determines the type of extraction and anesthesia you may need. Most extractions only require a local anesthetic, but you may need additional sedation if you’re anxious, your extraction is involved, or you need more than one tooth removed. 

What should I expect during my tooth extraction?

The type of extraction you need depends on the root placement and the condition of the tooth. If there’s enough tooth above the gum line, Dr. Kanani may only need to loosen it and pull it out.

When you have an impacted tooth, or it breaks at or below the gum line, you’ll need dental surgery to extract the tooth. Dr. Kanani causes minimal tissue injury by performing flapless extractions. He does not detach the gum from the bone and doesn’t cut the bone to remove tooth roots. 

With Dr. Kanani’s method, you’ll experience less trauma, heal faster, and have little to no discomfort after the extraction. Additionally, Dr. Kanani uses laser therapy to reduce pain and swelling, promote healing, and accelerate your recovery. 

You’ll receive self-care instructions to follow after your extraction. However, it’s important to let a blood clot form and to keep the clot in the empty socket. For this reason, you may need to follow a soft diet for a few days.

If you need a tooth extraction, talk with the team at Around the Corner Dental Health Spa about their minimally traumatic procedure. To schedule an appointment, call or use the online booking feature today.