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Sedation Dentistry

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Up to 80% of American adults struggle with dental anxiety. If you have dental fears, talk with the team at Around the Corner Dental Health Spa in Tarzana, California. Kaveh Kanani, DDS, works tirelessly to help patients lose their fear, not only to ensure they get timely dental care, but also because stress interferes with healing following dental procedures. Dr. Kanani is a licensed provider of oral sedation, a safe option that reduces anxiety and allows fearful patients to get multiple treatments during one visit. To learn about sedation dentistry, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Sedation Dentistry

What is sedation dentistry?

The first goal of sedation dentistry is to ensure that your dental care is pain-free. When children and adults don’t experience pain during their dental care, most gradually overcome their fears and learn to feel more comfortable about visiting Around the Corner Dental Health Spa.

Sedation dentistry also helps patients overcome fear and anxiety by:

  • Relaxing patients who fear dental instruments
  • Alleviating sensitivities to typical dental smells and noises
  • Increasing their comfort during long or complicated procedures

Some patients have severe dental anxiety, even if they never had a painful experience. Dr. Kanani and the team work closely with each patient, creating a plan that deals with their anxiety, so they don’t need to avoid getting the dental care they need.

What does it mean to pre-medicate before my dental visit?

There are different levels of sedation, and the first and best option for many patients is oral sedation, or taking a pill or tablet an hour before their scheduled dental visit.

The medication you’ll receive significantly reduces your anxiety, making it easier to come in for your dental care. You can receive oral sedation for regular checkups and simple procedures. Depending on your degree of anxiety, premedication or oral sedation plus a local anesthetic may be all you need.

What types of sedation might I receive?

Dr. Kanani talks with you about these different types and levels of sedation:

Nitrous oxide

Better known as laughing gas, you inhale nitrous oxide through a mask, where it quickly enters your system, helps you relax, and alleviates anxiety. With or without premedication, nitrous oxide and a local anesthetic often ensure a stress- and pain-free dental experience.

Conscious sedation or twilight sleep

Administered orally or intravenously, conscious sedation combines anesthetics and sedatives. Your level of sedation may be mild to deep, depending on your needs and the dose of medication. At the mild end, your anxiety and pain are relieved and you’re relaxed enough to fall asleep. At the deep end, you will sleep and you’re not easily aroused, but it’s not the same depth of sedation as general anesthesia.

General anesthesia

If you’re scheduled for general anesthesia, an anesthesiologist administers the medication intravenously and carefully monitors you throughout your dental procedure. Dr. Kanani typically reserves general anesthesia for lengthy or complicated procedures.

If you struggle with dental fear or phobia, let Around the Corner Dental Health Spa provide sedation dentistry that helps you overcome your anxiety. Call or book an appointment online today.