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Missing Teeth

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Even if you don’t have a missing tooth, it’s easy to imagine the impact it has on your appearance, self-confidence, and emotional health. Kaveh Kanani, DDS, at Around the Corner Dental Health Spa in Tarzana, California, encourages everyone with missing teeth to contact him and talk about their options. No one should have to hide their smile due to missing teeth, and the longer you go without treatment, the more likely you are to develop additional dental problems. To have your missing teeth replaced, call the office or use the online booking system to schedule an appointment today.

Missing Teeth

What causes missing teeth?

Two of the top causes of missing teeth are tooth decay and gum disease. When tooth decay goes untreated, the tooth can die and fall out or break off. Untreated gum disease loosens your gums and can spread into and erode the jawbone. As a result, your tooth becomes loose and falls out.

An injury that knocks out a tooth is another common cause of missing teeth. Additionally, some people are born missing one or more adult teeth.

Do broken or chipped teeth lead to missing teeth?

Broken and chipped teeth can develop when you chew hard foods, put hard objects in your mouth, or suffer an injury. It’s also common for teeth to crack and break if you have a large filling. Grinding your teeth while you sleep and misaligned teeth also increases your risk of breaking or chipping a tooth.

No matter what causes the damage to your tooth, it makes your tooth weak and leaves an opening in the enamel that lets bacteria get into the tooth root. All of these problems can ultimately lead to a lost tooth.

How are missing teeth treated?

If you suffer an injury that knocks out your tooth, preserve the tooth by trying to insert it back into the socket gently, or by placing it in a cup of milk or saliva (but not water). Then call Around the Corner Dental Health Spa to schedule an emergency dental appointment. With immediate treatment, Dr. Kanani can successfully reimplant your tooth.

Otherwise, missing teeth are treated with dental implants to support a crown, bridge, or dentures. The procedure for restoring your tooth depends on how long the tooth has been missing.

When a tooth has been missing for many years, the ridge collapses and the jawbone atrophies. As a result, you may not have enough bone for an implant. Dr. Kanani uses an innovative technique that bypasses the old process of inserting a block bone graft, a procedure that’s extensive, expensive, painful, and requires a long recovery.

Instead, he restores bone thickness and height with bone expansion and grafting. After Dr. Kanani expands the bony ridge of your jaw, he restores the lost bone with bone graft material, a procedure he accomplishes in one session.

Bone expansion and grafting is a conservative option that causes less trauma, reduces pain, and promotes faster healing. The cost is also better for patients because it’s about half the cost of a block graft procedure.

Don’t wait to restore your missing teeth. Call Around the Corner Dental Health Spa or schedule an appointment online today.