7 Facts About Emergency Dentistry

7 Facts About Emergency Dentistry from Kaveh Kanani, DDS in Tarzana, CAEmergency dentistry deals with dental emergencies that require immediate treatment. For example, an infected tooth requires urgent care since it causes excruciating pain, and the infection is always a risk of expanding to other parts of the body.

Interesting facts about emergency dentistry

Here are some fascinating facts everyone should know about emergency dentistry:

1. Any issue that requires emergency care falls under emergency dentistry

The emergency dental care umbrella covers any dental issue that needs addressing immediately. For example, an excruciating toothache that leaves a person unable to focus or get any sleep requires emergency care since waiting for a few weeks for a regular appointment does not make sense. The underlying issue causing the pain would likely be significantly harder to treat if the patient waits a few weeks before getting the problem addressed by a dentist.

2. Emergency dental care is expensive

The cost of urgent dental care varies depending on the emergency and the dentist, but it is generally more expensive than regular dental care. Emergency dental care is more costly because emergency dentists have to accommodate their schedules to see patients outside regular business hours, which costs them more money. In addition, emergency dental procedures are often more complex and require special equipment, which also raises the cost.

3. Emergency dental care is not always covered by insurance

Most insurance companies do not cover emergency dental care, so patients have to pay out of pocket for the services. However, some insurance companies will cover a portion of the cost if an accident or injury causes the emergency.

4. Dental emergencies can happen to anyone

Dental emergencies do not differentiate and can happen to anyone at any time. For example, a person who takes good care of their teeth can still develop an abscessed tooth, which is a serious dental emergency.

5. Emergency dental care is available 24/7

Emergency dental care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many emergency dentists offer after-hours services so patients can get the treatment they need as soon as possible.

6. Dental emergencies can be life-threatening

Some dental emergencies, such as a cracked tooth, may not seem like they would be life-threatening. However, if the crack extends to the tooth's root, it could lead to an infection that extends to other parts of the body and potentially becomes life-threatening.

7. Emergency dental care is vital

Emergency dental care is essential for treating severe dental issues that require immediate attention. Without emergency dental care, many people would suffer from excruciating pain or develop infections that could lead to other serious health problems.

Emergency dentistry is a critical aspect of healthcare. These seven facts provide a snapshot of emergency dentistry and its importance.

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