Painless Dental Implants: A Dream Come True

Almost every single person has faced some dental issues while growing up. Whether it was a minor toothache, tooth migration, or a rotting tooth, we have all been there. Who hasn’t dreaded the idea of a root canal or other tooth-related procedures? Not only do they occupy a lot of time to recover and can be quite painful, but they also cost you a fortune. Additional costs of maintenance and check-ups and medicines can cause a lot of stress. This is the reason why you don’t need to worry anymore because there is a new technology in the market, and it is painless and easy on your pocket. Painless Dental Implants


Gone are the days where you would listen to the words “Dental Implant Surgery” and shudder. There is a new way to fix your smile, and it is called bone expansion. It is a drill-less, flap-less, and painless form of dental implants. A Dental Implant Surgery consists of two procedures: the first is to assess the damage of the bone atrophy, which resulted in tooth loss. The procedure used for this is to create an incision in the patient’s gum and to pull the flap back to expose the bone. And then, the dentist drills bone to create space for the implant, but it is counterproductive. This is because this would result in the loss of valuable parts of the bone and would result in block bone graft surgery.


is a procedure where you pick a piece of bone from another part of your body, for example- ribs or a cadaver’s body. This is a painful and costly procedure. While performing this particular process, anesthesia is given to the patient. So, under the effect of anesthesia, the surgeon removes a small piece of bone. This little piece of bone is then fixed into the person’s jawbone. As a result, a thicker platform gets created. This makes it simpler and quicker for the dentist to drill through.

Once the person’s crown, as well as root undergo damage, there are high chances of damage to the ridge bone as well. And, once this ridge bone suffers any damage, it becomes thin. Therefore, making the implant even more difficult.

However, through the revolutionary new technique by Dr. Kaveh Kanani, drill-less, flap-less dental implants and Tarzana dental implants are going to become the norm of painless dental surgery.

He discovered a way to convert the other bone into a much thicker wall. Thus, creating better support. Dr. Kaveh Kanani then fits the implant into the newly created gap in the jaw. It takes the patient only four to five months to recover. This a shorter duration when compared to a yearlong recovery of the traditional dental implant surgery.

Why choose this new method over the conventional one?

There are a number of advantages of painless, drill-less, and flap-less dental implants:

  •  It is minimally invasive:

It doesn’t require cutting into your gums and drilling into your jaw. In fact, it tries to minimize the incisions and poking as much as possible.

  • It takes less time to recover:

This new and improved procedure allows you to recover in half the time that it takes for the traditional dental procedure to heal. It allows the patient to return to their daily routine and lifestyle habits soon enough.

  • It is less expensive:

With this new procedure in the market by Dr. Kaveh Kanani’s flap-less, drill-less, and painless dental implant surgery using the bone extension method will typically cost you only $2500 – $3000. $799 approximately. This is unheard of when it comes to dental implant surgery. Most of the time, dental implant surgeries will cost around $4,000. If you need a bone block graft surgery, you could pay an additional $4,000 to $5,000.


Dr. Kaveh Kanani is one of the most trusted dentists in the Valley. Working out of his Woodland Hills-based office, Dr. Kanani has been helping dental patients since 2001. In fact, he developed his drill-less, flap-less dental Implants, and painless bone extension technique to help his patients. His method gives patients back the smiles they deserve, and it’s less painful, less time-consuming, and more cost-effective. This way, you spend less and smile more and can breathe easy without stressing about your health bills.


Call Dr. Kanani today if you’re looking for a dental implant surgery technique that is:

  • Non-invasive
  • More cost-effective
  • Less time-consuming
  • This leads to faster recovery times.

At Corner Dental Implants, Dr. Kaveh Kanani has helped a lot of patients with various kinds of dental issues since the year 2001. Along with his team, he believes that dentistry is the type of place where one seeks comfort. Woodland Hills is the perfect place to find individuals who are specialized in various fields of dentistry. And, Dr. Kanani happens to be one of the best ones.

Before he opened his own practice in Woodland Hills, Dr. Kanani was earlier working with quite a few other Los Angeles-area dental offices.

He is also an Associate Fellow for the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID).


Dr. Kaveh Kanani established his dentist’s office in Woodland Hills, California, in 2001. He is a leading dentist and World-renowned Cosmetic dentist who has always been searching for a better way to help his patients smile and live their lives with ease. His practice will comfort you and make you feel secure with the knowledge that this is a man who wants to help his patients by innovating unique methods through which you can think of dental surgery as a minor blip in your daily schedule. You are in the right hands when it comes to taking care of your teeth at Woodland Hills Dental Spa.

For a bright smile and painless life, visit Dr. Kanani today and free yourself from all your woes, dental and otherwise.

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